Parrot AR 2.0 is a type of drone which is very famous and people are familiar with it. Its marketing is high as compared to the other types. It can fly very high. It is controlled by an application of iPhone that enable it to take off, calibrate and land. Its main function is its durability. There is a rotor guard that makes it more durable. It is cheap, durable and easy to operate. It is very easy to charge the battery quickly. The installation process of the app is very easy. Everybody can operate it very easily. There is a camera which can capture the images that are of best quality. The camera is hidden and in-built. This type of drone can be used to detect and solve the mysteries. It is very small in size.

Next comes, the Hubsan X4. It can be a greater choice. It also has an inbuilt camera to capture the pictures. In addition to the camera, it has micro SD card in order to record the voice and footage. You can use it for home usage. You can control the switches and various indoor activities. The SD card is removable. You can remove the card if you want to format the data. You can clear the recordings or can transfer the data into your computer. It requires less battery charging as compared to the other drones. Normally there is need to recharge the battery after some time. But it can survive longerwithout recharging the battery.

You can choose theUAV drone that you think that would be best for you. But you must test it before purchasing. You should check whether it can fulfill your requirements or not?