What are the Various Classifications of UAV Drones ?

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Mainly there are three technologies of UAV. It includes mini UAVs, Tactical UAVs and Strategic UAVs.


Micro and Mini UAVs

Micro and mini unmanned aerial vehicle are the smallest UAV technology. These drones can fly at low altitudes that are below 300 meters. These drones are suitable for buildings. These micro and mini UAVs can carry little and lighter things such as listening and recording devices. Transmitters and cameras can also be carried by mini UAVs. Micro UAVs are smaller as compared to mini UAVs. The weight of the mini UAVs are less than 30 kilograms and are best for commercial applications.

Tactical UAVs

Tactical UAVs are heavier as compared to mini and micro UAVs. These UAVs can fly at higher altitudes. These UAVs are best for military applications. Tactical UAVs have further categories like close, short, medium, long, endurance and altitude long range. These use more advanced technology.

Strategic UAVs

Strategic UAVs can fly with high speed at higher altitudes and distances. These are the heavies UAVs. These UAVs have maximum take-off weight. These can carry heavy payloads. Sophisticated equipment can also be carried by strategic UAVdrones. These UAVs are used for mapping, surveillance and photography.

All the UAVs are controlled by a remote. It is very easy to fly these UAVs drones. The camera that is used in UAVs is of high definition that generates high quality pictures.