Before you buy a drone or unmanned aerial vehicles, consider the option of creating one for yourself at home. This could save you hundreds of dollars and give you a fun little project for your winter vacations. This article will discuss the basic components of a multicopter from which you can develop a highly functional aerial vehicle. Using the right components will help you create a quadcopter, which will operate just like professional drones.

Essential Components of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Various multicopters come with components that provide power and endurance. Components of a multicopter define the quality and type of a multicopter. Here is a list of essential components that make up an unmanned aerial vehicle:


The frame is the basic layout upon which the rest of the structure is built. The frame supports the motors and various other devices in a way that they maintain stability during the flight and keep the vehicle levelled. There are several frame types that define the multicopter. The most common frame types include tricopter, quadcopter, hexacopter, singlecopter and octocopter.


Propellers are the motor units that are located on either side of a multicopter. Quadcopters consists of four propellers or motor units, tricopters consists of three propeller units, and hexacopters consist of six propeller units and so on. If you are looking for a UAV for sale or drones for sale, make sure that you check the propellers of a particular drone or quadcopter before investing in it. If you are looking to build your own quadcopter, always seek a low pitch propeller for perfect stability and vibration.professional drone
Flight Controller

Many multicopter aficionados refer to the flight controller as the brain of the aerial vehicle. There are various types of flight controllers, namely Naza, KK, WKM, Ardupilot and Rabbit. However, for starters, these flight controllers may be too much. For your own DIY quadcopter project, you can use a gyro sensor instead of a flight controller. Once you are fully acquainted with the features and functions of a flight controller, you can upgrade your old quadcopter.

Motors are no less significant than the above-mentioned components. The power system of a multicopter depends on the motor; therefore, it is very important that you consider high quality motors for your DIY project. The most common type of motor utilized in the making of a multicopter is a brushless motor.
Electronic Speed Controller

An electronic speed controller or ESC provides electronically generated three-phase power to the brush motors. For your homemade quadcopter, you can choose ESC of nearly 22A range. You can also choose 25A, but for a quadcopter it might be over powered. Before purchasing an ESC, make sure that it has a complete programming facility, including battery mode and throttle range.


Most multicopter experts recommend a lithium powered battery. Lithium batteries are lighter to carry and provide more energy than the other batteries. To increase the power of your quadcopter, buy a battery with a higher mAh.

Now you know what you will need for your project. Buy the right components from reliable suppliers and familiarize yourself with basic technical details to build a perfect unmanned aerial vehicle.