What are Drones?

Drones are also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS). They are basically aircrafts controlled by pre-programmed computers installed in the aircrafts, or by pilots handling the system of the drone from the ground.

Though most people refer to drones as a novel and unique concept, it in fact isn’t new. This concept originated in the 1800s when unmanned balloons containing bombs were sent to Venice by the Austrians. The UAVS that you see today started evolving during the 1900s. At that time, they were used for training military officers. They underwent a lot of development during the World War I. These drones were first launched during the Aerial Target in 1916. After that, more advancements were made in these drones. Powerful and efficient UAVs were crafted during the WWII.

What are the Applications of professional drones?

Though mostly drones are used for attacking enemies during war, there are several other applications of UAVS.

Here are some of the commonly practiced uses of drones:

Delivering Products

Delivery drones are non-military drones that are used by companies for commercial purposes.  They are used for delivering goods to customers quickly and conveniently. Amazon’s fantastic ‘Octocopter’ is one such drone that will deliver your order at your doorstep in less than thirty minutes.

Safeguarding Wildlife

Drones are being used in the U.S. and some other countries for protecting the wildlife. Drones monitor a certain area and its species that need to be safeguarded. This way, the government and other concerned authorities become aware of any unauthorized practice such as illegal hunting or poaching being conducted in that area.

WWF has plans of launching surveillance drones over the African jungles soon to prevent poaching.

Keeping a Check on Weather

Surveillance drones are widely being used for weather surveillance in various countries worldwide. Countries that experience severe hurricanes and typhoons use drones for observing these catastrophes, monitoring them and understanding them better. As no pilot is needed to drive the UAVS, no life is harmed. Global Hawk UAVS can easily stay in the air for around thirty hours and cover an area of about eleven thousand miles.

Providing Internet

Very soon, drones providing internet service will also be launched. The main objective behind these UAVS is to provide the internet service to all the isolated areas across the globe. They will be powered by sunlight and would be able to stay in midair for around five years.

Rescuing Lives

Launching professional drones can also help in rescuing lives during times of catastrophes such as fire breakouts, earthquake, floods and other unforeseen and natural calamities. Professional drones can locate people under distress quickly as compared to manned aircrafts and rescuers.

Photograph Different Locations

Professional drones can be used by multinationals, real estate agents and farmers for taking aerial views of different buildings, properties and crops. This would give them a better insight into the product or subject they are studying.

Having an understanding of all these applications of UAVS proves that they aren’t just used for military purposes, and have widespread uses as well as benefits.