UAV means Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. It refers to the drones that are also known by various names such as robot planes, remotely piloted vehicles. In addition to these, drones are also called pilotless aircraft and remotely piloted aircrafts. As its name shows that it does not require a man or any operator like other vehicles. Most often, they are called UAVs. When they are combined with ground control and data links, they are called UAS also called unmanned aerial systems.

UAVs vary in size and capacity. Some models come up with large sizes and some with small sizes. Larger drones have more capacity to carry things rather than the smaller ones.

As compared to the manned vehicles, drones have a number of advantages. The UAVs are faster as compared to the other vehicles. They are a wonderful creation of technology. They can fly very high. It is very easy for the drones to reach at the locations where helicopters and planes can’t reach. They can overtake easily. The cost is very less as compared to the planes and helicopters. Maximum take-off is a big factor that makes it famous.

They can be used in various fields such as in scientific, agricultural and engineering field. The businessmen can take the advantage from the drones. It can be very helpful for them. The drones can be used for photography to develop HD pictures that are very clear. The UAVs can be used for personal as well as public security.

Many people are taking advantage from the drones and drones are helping them to maximize proficiency and better results. People are demanding for the drones. The demand is increasing day by day. Simply, it can be said that the UAV drones are the robots without brain.