Drones are very effective and are used for non-military purposes. It is very exciting. Civil and domestic drones came in existence in 2000 but now its usage is increasing with the every passing day. There are many companies that are developing drones. The drones are developed from small to medium sized. It is a boon of technology for the people. The technology is used to make cheaper, more customizable and reliable drones. The UAV drones can be used in various fields. Let us discuss in detail.

Farming and Agriculture: In this field, the drones can be used for aerial surveys, crop-dusting and daily mapping. Sometimes there is need to spray some selective plants rather than the entire field. Farmers can use the drone to spray pesticides on the required plants. In this way, it helps to protect the environment and it also reduces the cost of pesticides. It saves time also. The healthy plants and the plants that are suffering from infections can be detected with the help of drones.

Sports and other Events: Drones are used in sports field and in many other events. There are many events that need to be captured from the sky. Earlier helicopters were used for this purpose which was very costly. The efforts were more but the output was not effective. Now days, drones are used to capture events. What is the need to use a costly helicopter over the drone that is very reasonable than helicopter? The pictures that are captured by drones are HD. It has been used during the Olympics and World Cup. Coaches can also use it to improve the team strategy.

Delivery: Drones can be widely used for delivery purposes. The things can be delivered easily. Many Domino’s use it to deliver pizza. Many businesses are adopting it to send the things at their customer’s address. The drones can reach faster compared to other modes of transportation. They can deliver the things at the door of the place where you want to deliver the package. As we know that there are some countries where drones are used to deliver medicines in the remote areas of the world. The best example happened in Austria where a student delivered defibrillators to the heart attack victim who was in need. It reached there faster than an ambulance would. Many businesses can use it to deliver the packages that are ordered online by their customers.

Photography and Reconnaissance: The drones are used for photography purposes. It is also used to gather data and information about various things. Many counties have been used it for testing the makeup of ozone. There are many oil and gas companies that want to use drones to find out the damaged pipelines to maintain them. These are also used to discover various things. The UAV drones are used by the discovery channel in order to know how the animals survive. The endangered species can be found with the help of drones.