Unmanned aerial vehicles are not a new invention. They date back as far as the First World War. However, at that time, they weren’t as advanced as they are now. Moreover, their use has also changed with the passage of time. Previously, they were majorly used for military operations; but as time passed, individuals and companies started using them for several other unique and beneficial purposes.

Remote Sensing

Drones are commonly used by research institutes, companies and government corporations for remote sensing. While conducting remote sensing, UAVS contain gamma ray, biological, chemical and electromagnetic spectrum sensors. The electromagnetic sensors comprise of infrared, near infrared or visual spectrum cameras. The biological sensors can detect the presence of different microorganisms. The chemical sensors make use of laser spectroscopy for analyzing the concentration of different elements in air.

Remote sensing helps in making new discoveries and finding ways to make this world a better place.

Sport and Wildlife Photography

Sport and wildlife photography also make use of drones. UAVS are launched to take snapshots and make videos of different sport events. Drones can capture aerial views of events that cannot be perfectly captured by people using camera from helicopters. Drones were used during the Winter Olympics 2014 organized in Sochi to film snowboarding and skiing events. The benefit of using drones for filming sports events is that they can help spot mistakes from different angles.

Similarly, drones are also used for filming the behaviors of wildlife animals and birds. Different unique behaviors and lifestyle patterns of animals living in various countries can be captured by drones that are otherwise difficult to record.

The benefit of this usage of these drones is that they provide information about different behaviors of animals that can be used for making unique discoveries.

Mineral and Fuel Exploration

Drones are used for performing different geographical surveys and can provide different magnetic strengths of the Earth for calculating the nature and amount of the rocks, minerals and fuel lying underneath it.

This knowledge can assist geophysicists in predicting the presence as well as location of various fuels and minerals. A huge advantage of using drones for mineral and fuel exploration is that they can help find coal, oil and gas that can prevent the exhaustion of these energy sources.

Make Domestic Policies

Drones are widely used in various countries such as the United States and Canada for working on domestic policies. They are used for examining the behaviors of communities and the information is later used for creating useful polices. Drones can give aerial views of different households and communities to uncover any violence being committed on the people there, including sexual abuse, harassment, domestic violence and drug abuse. This can help the government of those countries draft rules and regulations for controlling these crimes, and making that country a better place to live in.

These are four unique uses of UAVS. Besides these uses, drones are commonly used for search and relief, launching armed attacks, detecting fires in forests, buildings and other sites, as well as for protecting endangered animals from becoming extinct.+

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