The public and private sectors of Canada is showing keen interest in exploiting the advantages of unmanned air vehicle. UAVs are operated in diverse environments and high risk roles. These UAVs are also used for atmospheric research. It includes weather and atmospheric gas sampling. They are using it for various researches such as scientific, oceanographic and geophysical. These UAVs are also used for mineral exploration, imaging spectrometry and telecommunications relay.

The Canadian police use Best Drone with Camera for police surveillance. They use it for border patrol and reconnaissance, survey and inspection of remote power lines and pipelines. These UAVs are used for traffic and accident surveillance. They use it in various fields such as emergency and disaster monitoring, flight research, search and rescue, cartography and mapping, , agricultural spraying, aerial photography, promotion and advertising, weather reconnaissance, and fire-fighting monitoring and management.

Canada defines the UAVs as a powerful aircraft that is operated without a crew on the board. There are some conditions to fly a UAV in Canada. The person must have a certificate which is known as special flight operation certificate. One can get the certificate by submitting an application. The person has to tell the reason to fly the aircraft. If you are flying the aircraft without the certificate, it will be illegal.

The police of Canada have used the UAVs to detect the crime and to solve the cases.